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in California


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Hand crafted parts

Ultra rare center caps Z432 wheels (Limited Reproduction)

I had a CNC shop make exact shape reproduction center caps forZ432 Mag wheels.

(Original one at far left)

1969-1972 Braided Brake master vacuum hoses


 1969-1972 Braided radiator hose upper and lower


1969-1972 Braided heater hoses


Fog light switch(Hand curved)                                                  Fog light switch(Genuine one)


Fog lights: Exact Demention as factory optional fog lights           Genuine Nissan Koito fog lights

Reproduction radiator fan shroud.                                           Genuine Metal fan srhoud was dealer option



Rare find

1996-1998 Vintage car program by Nissan

Datsun dealer in 70's

 Z432 debute in Japan (Courtsy of Mr. Endo)

 Datsun dealer senior technician patch in 70s.

Datsun dealer signs

 After market Fog light covers

 Kobe Seiko produced very similarwheels to Z432 Mag. 70's  Center hub area was modified from original.

  Replica Z432 wheels (Alloy) by XX Auto back (in Japan)in mid 90's.They appear the same except for the center hub area.


 Dealer promotional item for rally races.

 Datsun 8 Track FM/AM stereo system that goes inside glove box!


Dealer promotional item in 60's and 70's.


Datman was a dealer promotional item back in 70's.


Datsun dog with Nissan Hat on

 "Datsun saves gasoline" oil tank during oil shock in 1970's during oil crisis.

Oil cans

Datsun lighters



 Datsun buckle made by Heritage Buckles.

 Datsun pen

 Datsun tie pin                                                                         Stamp

 Datsun sun glasses

 US Owner's Owner's Manuals

 1969-1971 Series 1 US Catalog

 1972 Series 2 US Catalog

 1972 US Advertisement

 Australian advertisement                                     French advertisemnet

 Canadian Catalog

 UK Datsun 240Z Sport Catalog

 Factory front spoiler in UK, Auctralia, and few other countries.

 JDM Head light covers for 240ZG, 240Z-L, and Z432 model.

Installation guide for the head light cover

 Amco made variety of accesaries: Armrest, luggage bar, boot bar, door scuff panel, shift knobs, floor mats.

Amco roof rack

 Amco Floor mats

 Original jute under carpet


 Early braided hose

 Pointed end antenna found on Japanese and some US cars.

 New car window sticker for 1972

 Series2 Splash panel with punched holes

 Completely stripped 1971 unibody.