Datsun 240Z Restoration Log


in California





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Smog pump was carefully restored.


Cad-plated hardware for the entire car

Original splush panel was powder coated

Chromed front tow hooks                                 Chromed front hooks                     

Original horns were stripped and refinished

Rear bumper end rubber                                     Rare early "2400cc" valve cover

Powder coated air cleaner box with hardware

Air cleaner box hardware                                   Carb. linkage

Rare new tail light assembly fitted                        New old stock Euro tail lamps

Rear fog lamps!

European front lights with added reflectors inside.


Genuine starter

Genuine distributor assembly                             Original ignition coil

Original ignition wires                                        Original fuse box for

Notice the warts at the end and all the wires are numbers 1-6


Datsun Competition Spark Plug wire set


Cad plated tail gate latch mechanism                   Early Oil filler cap with "OIL"


Cadi-plated dip stick with new rubber                Zinc plated tail gate hardware          

                      Cad-plated pully                      Door jam


Original "Nichira" muffler                                 

New headlight buckets with Koito beams             Updated headlight relay system

Wiper motor and arms were refinished.

 New washer nozzles installed                              New washer tank

 Antenna being rebuilt



1972 Emission decal at the air cleaner box 1972 Emission decal at back of the hood


Color code decal at upper core support            "OK" decal from Nisssan in Yokohama


Back of OK decal and early valve cover decal


Done/Inspected decal at RH of R window(JDM) 


Original optional 240Z body decal         See the letters cut out in the stripes.


Original Series 2 Key

Matching keys


Decals at radiator                                            Radiator cap


Decal at back of storage lid                            


Valve cover inspected decal , Key decal glovebox door, Radiator decal




Unleaded gas only decal at RH Q window           Idle HC decal at RH side on F. bumper(JDM)






Chromed glove box emblem                                  Decal on original jack

JDM Failady ZG and Z432 Optional foot rest.

Original equipped jack and tool set

 Rare 10/1969-1971 "D" Hubcaps

Early D caps had few teeth (RH)                      1972-78 240Z, 260Z, 280Z  Hubcaps

 Original steel wheels

Fairlady Z432 Magnesium wheels sand blasted for new paint.

After nice coats of paint, tires were mounted.

Thanks to CNC technology to recreate center caps. (Original one at far left)

Very rare special lug nuts only for the  wheels (It appears like 280ZX lugs, but much thicker)

Seat belt buckle plates powder coated

 Braided hoses for brake master vacuum being hand made



Current Nissan hoses(LH) Special made braided hoses (RH)

Original braided radiator upper hose                       Special made braided hoses